Music for Bulgaria is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to grow music culture by making music education more accessible and providing artists with innovative career opportunities.

Through our projects we help people grow both as musicians and as individuals. Music develops numerous valuable skills such as creativity, self-awareness, discipline, communication, critical thinking, and many others. We are giving our all to share this opportunity for personal growth with as many people as possible.



RockSchool is a community uniting all people who want to learn music and develop as artists. We offer innovative educational methods through online lessons, mentorship, scholarships, workshops, and on-stage experience. We also provide free education for people with disabilities or people coming from vulnerable groups. 

We teach drums, guitar, keyboard, singing, bass, heavy vocals, violin, flute, saxophone, accordion, bagpipe, audio production, composition, songwriting and more.

Music lessons 133 000+
Free lessons for people from vulnerable environment 6 150+
Concerts 430+

The Stage

The Stage is a venue hall where we organize unique music-themed parties during which children are introduced to music through learning games.

At The Stage we also host workshops, rehearsals, small concerts, and other educational or artistic events. We rent out the venue for free for charity events and experimental projects we want to support.

Rehearsals 11 700+
Musical birthdays 1 100+
Events and workshops 200+

Urban House Studio

Urban House Studio welcomes artists in a homelike atmosphere and provides professional audio recording and production.

Our studio is the first to provide scholarships for the recording and music production of talented musicians and bands.

We also produce audio materials for radio and television - movie soundtracks, ads, multilingual dubbing, jingles, voice-overs, audiobooks and others.

Produced artists 370+
Scholarships for sound recording 70+
Productions 1 000+

KMK Records

KMK Records adopts the "label as a service" model, which allows musicians to have access to quality label services without signing a contract.

The purpose of the label is to support Bulgarian music artists and help them develop their potential. We provide a variety of services that enable artists to enhance their brand, create quality audio or video products and promote their music online.

KMK Records also organizes the program “Music Accelerator”, through which talented bands and artists are provided with free audio and video production of a single, a photoshoot and mentorship on music business and marketing topics.

Produced artists 370+
Artist Scholarships 40+
Productions 1 000+


Music for Bulgaria Foundation Other Music Centers
Free scholarships for talented students
Complete cycle of opportunities - lessons, rehearsal, participation, recording, production
Free lessons for people from vulnerable environment
Scholarships for free audio production
Paid gig opportunities
Free production of music videos
Publicity on social channel with 50 000+ audience
Opportunities for on-stage experience
Discount cards for dozens of partners
Audio production lessons
Strong networking opportunities
Access to music workshops and lectures
Songwriting lessons
Access to a concert venue
Online lessons

Social projects

  • See Through Music
    The project created an adapted music education program for children and youths with impaired vision. The project became the winner of The Change competition 2018/2019 and received the European citizen award 2020.
  • RockSchool on Wheels
    An initiative that addresses the lack of access to music education and the cultural isolation, in which many children and young people from small towns live. We are turning a specially equipped bus into a traveling music academy, which will organize free music workshops in public spaces.
  • Music Accelerator
    Program for the development of young Bulgarian musicians and the creation of quality original music. Selected Bulgarian artists acquire business skills and promote music online and record their own songs in a studio.
  • Music for the Ukrainian kids
    We provide free music lessons to Ukrainian children and young people to help them overcome the trauma of war and integrate easily into the new social environment The project received the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2023.
  • Make Music Day Sofia
    Make Music Day is an annual one-day event featuring free live music performances, music lessons and other music events around the world. Music festivals like this are held on June 21 in more than 1,000 cities.
  • RockSchool Education Scholarship
    Until now the project has provided more than 40 students with full educational scholarships lasting 6 months, including 48 lessons and over 90 hours of rehearsals
  • A Song Away
    The project transformed the city parks of Sofia into artistic spaces by organizing a number of free acoustic concerts and musical workshops on the premises
  • Audio Production Scholarship
    The project provides talented artists with the opportunity to record and produce their music for free in a professional recording studio. 15 bands and artists participated in the first edition of the program
  • Music Revolution
    The project provided free audio production for the singles of 18 talented Bulgarian artists and publication of the songs on the double-sided CD compilation - Music Revolution
  • The Music and Me
    The project provided children from a vulnerable environment with free music lessons through workshops carried out at key city locations
  • The Art of Being a Musician
    The project provided 10 lectures for advanced musicians on key topics including copyright, publishing, promotion, branding, musical industry roles, soundcheck and more.

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Help people from a vulnerable environment to keep their music education!

Since the beginning of February, we started raising funds in order to provide 10 full scholarships for music education, including 48 hours of lessons and over 90 hours of rehearsals. Our goal is to raise BGN 10,000 and provide at least 10 scholarships!

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  • Melina Founder & CEO

    Melina is the founder of Music for Bulgaria Foundation. She provides direction for growth and is actively involved in all operational processes. She is the lead guitar player of Grimaze and founder of the fastest growing platform for musicians - Drooble

  • Boyan Marketing Manager

    Boyan is responsible for project management, sponsorships, improvement of operational processes and others. He also plays the guitar

  • Rosie Booking Manager

    This charming lady is Rosie. As part of RockSchool, she is transformed into a community manager and a schedule manager. She started singing lessons with us years ago and her passion for music has grown. This is where she finds her band Time Jugglers.

  • Sasho Booking Manager

    Sasho enters our school as a drummer. Since then, he has contributed to the community and was chosen to be part of the team, as well as to teach drums during our musical birthdays. He plays in the band Time Jugglers.

  • Philip Booking Manager

    Philip is the person who manages the schedule and takes care of all daily operational processes. He plays in two bands - Grimaze and Time Jugglers. He also teaches bass at RockSchool

  • Ivaylo Designer

    Visual problem solver, turning elements into pieces of art. Working with an endless flow of creative energy. Loves mountains and photography

  • Bobby Software Architect

    The one manifesting ideas into reality with absolute excellence. Always keeping the team’s spirit up with groovy music and disco from the 90’s. Plays ukulele and sings

  • Devora Booking Manager

    Although she is not a musician, music is her constant companion in other creative pursuits such as writing a fantasy book series and drawing the characters in her books. She likes to listen to punk rock, jazz or electronic music.